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Do you know what marketing is? The answer is “yes”. Everyone knows marketing means selling, buying, losing, making a profit, and so on. However few people know about marketing and can achieve success. Because marketing is not creativity. There are fundamentals, laws, rules, etc. in marketing.

It does not change every time. Once you understand marketing you will never look back on your professional career. Do you know how to turn an ordinary person into a digital magician? You know that marketing is very important. You need to know deeply about Essentials of Marketing. Here I am trying to discuss some things about marketing. Let’s get started !!!


Why Do People Think Law of Marketing is a Good Idea?


Law of Marketing is the process of understanding the customer. The way to provide services or product on customer demands. Digital Marketing is not about giving money or free product to spend on advertising. This is based on science rather than creativity. A marketing strategy cannot be developed without laying a proper foundation on potential customers.


Online Marketing is about creating branding, creating awareness about the brand and earning a place in the minds of the customer. Marketing does not mean selling, the customer wants to understand the product. Good products turn marketing into word of mouth for customers.


“Never make marketing more important than your product or service. A great product sells itself and it turns its customers into brand ambassadors. ”

Some people try to influence people to market their product or service. Some may be successful. It does not work every time. Because a good product is useful to the customer so the product sells itself. If you can understand the marketing show to sell the product, its most valuable investment on career and business will increase.

The answer is very easy digital so many benefits are better than traditional marketing. Traditional marketing takes place on traditional platforms such as radio, television and print media. In the old days internet usage was low and in some places there was no internet. At that time only traditional marketing was used. The main advantage of traditional marketing is its huge scale. It is expensive and time consuming. Do not give a clear return on investment here, so the results cannot be measured. This means that the seller expects their target customer to see their ads.

Digital marketing saves time and money compared to traditional marketing and its convenience results. Digital marketing is the best resource to use people at low cost and get more traffic.


With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are spending more and more time online. most of the people use only digital marketing .so easily find the customers in social media platforms, Ecommerce sites, search engines.

The best way to grow your business is to use the CATT funnel method. CATT Funnel Digital Marketing Assistance Increases Customer Confidence.

This funnel uses relevant content through advertising, SEO, blogging, etc. to attract people. Increases trust with people who attract content and sends more content using automation tools. It gives power in the niche. Funnel transactions begin after informing trusted individuals.


Wealth = n ^ CATT

Compatible with CATT is powerful

Here for n niche, for content c, attention, t trust and t transactions.

A combination of passion, talent and marketing to choose the right niche

The passion just shows a strong loyal interest. You have talent on your beloved interest. You have the skills to do marketing and become the best blogger


Integrated digital marketing is the integration of multiple marketing strategies from online approach to business.

This integrated digital manufacturing SEO can be used in all strategies like social media, email marketing, content making, paid advertising and sales & convert.


This means that each individual strategy will not have a big impact on its own, but will be more effective when used together.

Some people choose the same strategy as SEO or content marketing or social media. They expect results such as revenue and sales. But they can not get the result.

Integrate all the strategies one by one. Create content first and send emails using the content and do some SEO post content on social media to get better results

Using the CATT Marketing Funnel to run through integrated digital marketing.

How to generate Personal branding?

Personal branding means creating a reputation in the market. And if everyone believes, create a social person. Create Influencer and Brand Ambassador‌ for personal branding use. Creating personal brandy is not that easy. It requires a lot of effort and rules

  • Learn a new skill first and memorize the learning elements
  • Practice and implement the new skill of learning for better result. You can use any source like job, freelancing, getting own project
  • You can write a blog about understanding how you feel and what you are personally learning.
  • You now have the experience to run a successful blog. That means you have personal branding. Contact them instead of working for businesses
  • Measure your new understanding of how to help others as a guide / mentor .

Now you understand the problem of marketing and using your own skills. Start your new business as a service-oriented or own product due to your unique person field

Now you have created a personal brand framework

Thanks for reading. Please write your valuable feedback in the comment box. We will meet again and discuss more about marketing

“Every ending is a beginning. We just don’t know it at the time.”